Paula Devereaux is a renowned Southwesten  artist based in Santa Fe, N.M.  Known for her figurative sculpture and painting Devereaux’s richly detailed portraits of Native Americans and cowboys capture the spirited essence of the American Southwest.

In a career spanning 35 plus years, Devereaux has mastered a variety of mediums, including woodcarving, bronze sculpture and oil painting.  She has been commissioned to create life-size and larger sculpture of notable historic figures, from members of the country and western band “Alabama” to her own grandfather, Dred D. Devereaux, a legendary roadmaster of the Texas Southeastern Railroad.

Raised in Texas and Arizona,  Devereaux took early inspiration from pioneering western artist George Phippen and John Hampton.  With encouragement from her father and family, who recognized her talent at a young age and enrolled her in private art studies,  Devereaux went on to Fine Arts at the University of Texas at El Paso and Scottsdale Artists School.

For the last few years, Devereaux has painted the vast and colorful landscapes of Northern New Mexico, where she owns and operates a hunting and fishing ranch (Rancho Escondido de Chama) with her husband Mel Kurth.  On most days, Devereaux can be found in her studio, perfecting a plein air landscape of the area, or putting the finishing touches on a sculpture.


1947b. 3 October, Lufkin, Texas
1956-66Private tutoring from professional illustrators and sculptors
1968-70Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, Arizona
1976-78University of Texas at El Paso, Texas
1982Began professional Sculpting Career
1986Co-Founder of the Texas Woodcarvers Guild
1987Recipient of George R Mobly Award for Excellence in Woodcarving
1989-94Studied Sculpting, Scottsdale Artist School, Scottsdale, Arizona
1997Became Signature Member of Knickerbocker Artist USA
PresentLiving and working in Santa Fe and Chama, New Mexico

Commission Work and Collections

1983City of Humble, Humble, Texas
1984Humble Historical Museum, Humble, Texas
1985Pride Craft Homes, Houston, Texas
1987Houston Film Inc. Houston, Texas; “The Legend of the Blue Bonnets”
1988Whitewater Enterprises, San Diego, CA
1990Varo International, The Netherlands
1997Texas Forestry Museum Lufkin, Texas
1999Nacogdoches Historical Society Nacogdoches, Texas
2001Lufkin Industries Inc. Lufkin, Texas
2002Pineywoods Foundation Lufkin, Texas; Kurth Memorial Library
2003Pineywoods Foundation Lufkin, Texas; George Henderson Memorial
2003Deep East Texas Development Association: The Silver Bucket Award
2004The History Center Diboll, Texas; The Dred D. Devereaux Memorial
2005-06The City of Fort Payne, Alabama, Country and Western Band
2007The History Center Diboll, Texas; The Arthur Temple Memorial
2008Private Collector Commission
2009Private Collector Commission
2010Hurricane Creek Mining Disaster Memorial, Larger than Life: Hyden Kentucky
2011Mytris Dightman Memorial, Twice life-size: Crockett Texas
2012Matador: Sandia High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2013Coach AJ Hopkins, Twice Life-size, Crockett, Texas



1986The Texas Woodcarvers Gallery – Spring, Texas
1987Tear of the Moon Gallery – Wimbery, Texas
1988Expressions in Art – Houston, Texas
1992E.S. Lawrence Gallery – Taos, New Mexico
1993E.S. Lawrence Gallery – Taos, New Mexico
1994Hillside Gallery – Sedona, Arizona
1995Main Street Gallery – Flagstaff, Arizona
1999Governor’s Gallery, State Capital – Santa Fe, New Mexico
2001-05Joe Wade Fine Arts Gallery – Santa Fe, New Mexico
2007Wild Spirit Gallery – Pagosa Springs, C