Paula Devereaux is a versatile artist who works in clay, wood, and paints in oils. (She also has a beautiful line of leather handbags.) She is known for her artistic manner, which is grounded in an in-depth knowledge of the human figure. Further acquaintance with Paula's unique inspirations behind her opus reveal an artist who has skillfully methodized zest, inventive precision, to create a authentically inceptive body of work.

Paula started early with her interest in art, beginning when she was only eight. Being very fortunate to have private tutoring from numerous instructors during her developing years guided her artistic path towards sculpture as her method for creating imaginative people and animals in clay and wood. Her enthrallment of people and animals was definitely enhanced by growing up in Northern Arizona in the midst of wildlife and the Native American Indians. Each of which has had an influence on Paula's life and art.

She is known for her artistic manner, which is grounded in an in-depth knowledge of the human figure and animals. Very much inspired by ancient Greek art, Paula is more fascinated in tranquility than drama, in timeless serenity rather than in fleeting expression and emotions. For reference, she uses live models as well as her immense library of the human anatomy and wildlife material, which includes photos, magazine clippings, books, numerous study casts and detailed measurements.

An accomplished artist, Devereaux is involved in the creative process of the sculpture from the beginning to the end. When working on her woodcarvings she locates and, in most cases, harvests the wood herself. She does all the carving, sanding and finishing, the end result being irresistible to the eyes and the touch. When creating and finishing her clay sculptures, Paula works very closely with the bronze foundry, from the molding and lost wax process, to the casting, patina and applying the finishing touches to each bronze.

Having worked on many sculptures in her 30 plus year art career some of the most interesting projects Paula has created is the one and one third size bronze monument of the musical group "Alabama". Each musician being depicted in a manner portraying their personality and contribution to the band. This piece is located in the band's home town city park of Ft. Payne, Alabama. In contrast to this three dimensional work is her eight foot by twelve foot high relief for Lufkin Industries, commemorating their 100 year anniversary. This bronze was installed in the new Kurth Library in Lufkin, Texas. The work represents the engineers, foundry employees and office staff who have made the company one of the most successful industrial foundries in the country.

Paula played a major role in founding the Texas Woodcarvers Guild. As one of the co-founders of the Texas Woodcarvers Guild which was formed in 1986, she served as vice-president and show chairman for four years helping to promote and grow the TWG to where it is today with over one thousand members nationwide. Devereaux is also a signature member of the prestigious Knickerbockers Artist Association as well as an associate member of the National Sculpture Society and the Allied Artists of America.

Paula and her husband Mel Kurth own and operate, Rancho Escondido de Chama, a 5000 acre hunting and fishing ranch in beautiful Northern New Mexico. They also have their home in Santa Fe where they have lived for over 20 years. Having studios in both locations allows her to work, fish, hike or even relax!

Painting Again
Paula has picked up her paint brush, dusted off her oil pallet and, after 25 years, is now finding time for some fun with plein air painting as well as portrait painting in her studio.

Currently Paula finds herself enjoying time with her husband, Mel Kurth, at their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico and their hunting and fishing ranch, Rancho Escondido de Chama, in Chama, New Mexico. Having studios in both locations allows her to work, fish, hike or even relax!